Cheddar, Somerset – July, ’16

After the wedding, we made our way out of the city of Bath and into a town Matt’s family calls home, Cheddar.

house - cheddar.jpg

You guessed it, this place is where cheddar cheese was first created. The surrounding cliffs are home to the Cheddar Gorge, who’s dewy and warm atmosphere made a perfect home for cultivating cheddar cheese. 


We rented another AirBnB in Cheddar and it was a world different from our first. It was a small, beautiful cottage covered in vines on Chicken Lane, too cute.

View from the back garden, looking in at the record player.

Quite the eccentric place but still very beautiful. The home smelt like Nag Champa and every wall was filled with posters, paintings, artwork, or vinyls. The owner was a Bob Dylan fan and had many signed photographs and records from Bob.

Lilac scents
Gary in the family room. Note the record on the wall: This was awarded for Bob Dylan record sales, why the owner had it was a bit of a mystery to us.

A cabinet filled with hundreds of records allowed us to fill the house with music for the majority of our stay. We found a very unique, white labeled record from Bob Dylan with a note that read, “This is irreplaceable please take care”. A one of one record, I don’t believe we will ever hear those songs again.


Despite its quirkiness, the place was quite spooky. A door leading to the attic had the name “Hannah” in wooden letters. The door was locked and jammed shut with a door stop. Even when I knew I was the only one in a room, I never completely felt alone. I couldn’t decide if I was comforted, or unsettled by the feeling.

Sitting by the window

Matt’s family was so welcoming and all so kind. Thank you all for being so inviting and making me feel welcomed into your homes and family. 

Congratulations again to Ash and Dan on the wedding, it was a beautiful ceremony.


Bonus picture of this handsome guy

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