Bath, Somerset – July ’16

Dinner - Bath.jpg

 After an 8 hour flight,

2 hours getting through customs, and 2 hours on a bus, we finally arrived at our first destination, Bath.

Bath - Skyline.jpg
Overlooking the city

Bath.jpgOur AirBnB was perfectly located

on the grounds of the Abby with one end overlooking the towers of the church, and the other overlooking a bustling square. We had a private garden and seating area, large enough for all of us to sit and enjoy the sunshine, (yes, there is sunshine in England apparently).

Church View - Bath.jpg
The towers of the Abby, as seen from the garden. We woke every morning (at 7:00 am grumble, grumble) to the bells of the church.

The interior was absolutely beautiful.

Every room looked like something out of a home and garden magazine but and at the same time it felt like visiting grandmother’s house.Matt - Morning Bath July 22.jpg

Toaster - Bath.jpg

The food was definitely one of my favorite parts.

Brits don’t eat many vegetables that aren’t white.. onions, potatoes, cabbages… but the meat, cheese, bread, and fruit are to die for. Lack of veggies was made up for by gorging on fresh berries, fair trade… yeah?

Dinner time!
Berries and tea for breakfast

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