Tea isn’t just for drinking anymore

Every heard of bath tea? Me either. Not until my boyfriend's sister picked up this Sealuxe Ocean Goddess Bath Tea for me as a Christmas present. I'm not big on baths. The idea of sitting and soaking in the same water used to clean myself isn't the most effective way to scrub up. But... with… Continue reading Tea isn’t just for drinking anymore


Cheddar, Somerset – July, ’16

After the wedding, we made our way out of the city of Bath and into a town Matt's family calls home, Cheddar. You guessed it, this place is where cheddar cheese was first created. The surrounding cliffs are home to the Cheddar Gorge, who's dewy and warm atmosphere made a perfect home for cultivating cheddar cheese.    We… Continue reading Cheddar, Somerset – July, ’16